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Classroom Design

The key to a successful classroom design is striking a balance between the teaching methods and learning styles that take place there, it is imperative to ensure that the space in the classroom is used wisely. Many classrooms have areas of underutilised space or feel cramped and undersized but, with careful attention to the furniture and layout, you can achieve the correct balance of space usage.

Of course, environmental factors will impact the student’s learning experience. The factors that require consideration are:


The sound levels in your classroom greatly impacts learning. Whether it is the minimising of background noise, or the amplification of the teacher’s voice, achieving the correct balance of sounds will help to enhance the students’ learning experience. This could mean introducing a suspended ceiling, acoustic panels of replacing metal cabinets with wood.


There is no substitute for natural daylight in a classroom. However, when sunlight is limited, it is important to ensure that there is adequate artificial light. With the current cost of energy at a premium, replacing older lighting with new led panels will help both students and budgets. The correct lighting in your classroom prevents eyestrain and helps to keep students alert and focused. When choosing lighting, it is important to consider how you may need to alter the lighting to facilitate the learning experience, e.g., in a science laboratory, black-out blinds may be needed for some experiments.


Ensuring that the chairs are the right size for the students will help to keep students focused. Good quality furniture will ensure that the classroom stays smarter for longer, and whilst it might be slightly more expensive to purchase, it will be better long-term value for money. Storage is another important factor in the design of the classroom, Teaching Walls or other fixed storage will help to keep your classroom tidy, and save space.


Classroom design and learning go hand in hand, with a key factor being the decoration and furnishing. Pay attention to colours and textures, here is a lot of evidence about how colours can affect moods, so ensure that you are creating a classroom design that will help students to adopt the right attitude to learning.


The classroom layout is important to both teacher and student, while sight lines and accessibility to all areas in the classroom are a given, the configuration of furniture for particular subjects is key. Science and Food technology classroom require more thought and technical furniture than most other subjects.


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